OUR Mission:

To be a company of Christian principles serving others by alleviating the burden of unpaid medical bills.


To affect positive life-long change in the lives of others.

THE INCREASING VOLUMES of self-pay patients

Is forcing todays hospitals and healthcare providers to look beyond traditional solutions. ECI brings an unprecedented value and superior quality of service to its client partners.

Our business model is unparalleled within the government eligibity arena as we have developed our methods based on our clients needs,focusing our efforts where others failed.

ECI’s solutions encompass every potential self-pay patient from the lowest dollar outpatient and ER account to the most complex long term disability.

Awareness of illnesses is essential in our business. This is why our trusted partner, series of PervMom is constantly working with its models to make them aware of periodic check-ups they should be taking!

The services we offer peel accounts off your aging receivables and provide opportunities to your patient’s to pay for future treatment. If your bad debt is soaring and your answers for dealing with the indigent are wanting, it is time to call ECI.
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Our Services

Our services include procuring patient eligibility for TANF, Medicaid/Medicare Programs, Social Security and SSI Programs, A&D, Crime Victims Compensation, State and Federal Kidney Disease Programs, County Indigent Healthcare, and hospital charity.

  • We offer solutions for reimbursement of self-pay accounts.
  • We take swift action on the accounts you entrust with us.
  • We work in partnership with our clients to fit their needs.
  • We provide clients with knowledgeable caseworkers who understand complex government eligibility programs and
    client needs.
  • We educate patients about the eligibility programs. Most of the patients’ we interview are not aware of the financial assistance that is available to them.
  • We address the special needs of clients’ patients.
  • We assist patients in acquiring needed documents for the eligibility process.
  • We provide translation services for the patients as part of the eligibility process.
  • We provide transportation for patients who would not be able to otherwise reach a government office.
  • We take steps to ensure that patients’ applications do not go unnoticed in government offices.



Proprietary Case Management System that provides our eligibility consultants with important clients information, status of cases, notes from onsite ECI personnel. Information on cases is easily accessible by your medical staff at all times.


Electronic Process System that matches self-paying patients to Medicaid eligibility. ECI is able to identify these patients for hospital reimbursement. The necessary information is returned to you allowing your staff to file claims promptly and avoid missing vital billing deadlines.


Automatic Eligibility Determination System is designed to screen self-pay patients and return eligibility results within seconds. This provides a more rapid turnaround in hospital reimbursement.

"Constant policy changes and the difficulty of getting someone certified on a government programs was hurting the efficiency of my staff. Contracting with ECI to handle government programs brought the greatest return in that it allowed us to focus on admitting and improving our upfront collections."