ECI CONSULTANT SPECIALISTS are equipped with cutting edge proprietary software allowing more reliable and accurate eligibility screening results. Our tools allow our specialists the remarkable capability to see the complete history of a claim, view vital patient information, input existing coverage information and screen self-paying patients for eligibility all in a single application. Our consultant specialists are skilled in gathering the necessary information required to effectively and promptly come to a resolution.

The ultimate aim is to reduce the number of unpaid claims while treating each client with courtesy and respect every step of the way.


Proprietary Case Management System that provides our eligibility consultants with important clients information, status of cases, notes from onsite ECI personnel. Information on cases is easily accessible by your medical staff at all times.


Electronic Process System that matches self-paying patients to Medicaid eligibility. ECI is able to identify these patients for hospital reimbursement. The necessary information is returned to you allowing your staff to file claims promptly and avoid missing vital billing deadlines.


Automatic Eligibility Determination System is designed to screen self-pay patients and return eligibility results within seconds. This provides a more rapid turnaround in hospital reimbursement.

"ECI's software and case management system is like nothing I had ever seen for a government eligibility programs company. Their ability to interface electronically with our system was superior to any vender we have dealt with in the past."
Technology Testimonial