Why Choose ECI?

We are a trusted healthcare solution provider with a proven track record. Our clients rely on us to navigate the complexities of government eligibility programs and deliver results. Partnering with ECI means gaining a reliable ally in maximizing revenue and reducing bad debt.

Our Track Record Speaks For Itself.

Over The Years, ECI Has Built A Reputation For Excellence And Delivering Results.

28 Years

helping uninsured patients qualify for government assistance

Over $4 Billion

in discharge balances approved for billing


of existing insurance accounts identified for immediate billing

Real Debt Relief Solutions

Every day we lead a life dedicated to service. Our drive is rooted in helping our clients excel in the healthcare industry. With 28 years of experience, we specialize in providing innovative solutions for uninsured patients to qualify for government assistance. Our track record boasts over $4 billion in approved discharge balances and the identification of millions of existing insurance accounts ready for immediate billing.

Your Trusted Healthcare Solution Provider

We specialize in working with aging receivables, identifying opportunities for patients to pay for past and future treatment. We have the leadership and technology to pursue large volumes of unpaid accounts. By collaborating with us, you can regain control of your finances.

Contact us today to explore how ECI can improve your revenue cycle and help you achieve outstanding results.

Up-to-Date Technology

ECI is dedicated to being proactive in every area of IT. We are continuously seeking ways to optimize the latest technology wherever possible. Our proprietary case management system contains several key features designed to aid workers in effectively managing their caseloads. These embedded functionalities enhance efficiency and have led to increased productivity.

The new patient portal was developed using internal resources across various departments. This collective effort resulted in a seamless, patient-centric experience with an emphasis on services around patient needs. We maintain the highest level of security while ensuring a seamless interface for the patient.

Reporting accounts marked as self-pay but have an existing source of sponsorship is paramount. These accounts are identified and submitted for immediate billing at no extra cost. At ECI, we use web-based tools as well as Electronic Data Interface to scour for coverage. In today’s world, leveraging technology is crucial for even the most basic task. We are committed to bringing and delivering on our promises using the most up to date technology to enhance the overall patient experience.


Our management team is unified by a single purpose – to help as many of your patients as possible with their medical debts. We are solution-driven thinkers with decades of experience in the field of government assistance programs.

Subject Matter Experts

Every day, leaders are asked to do more with less. We are solution-driven thinkers with decades of experience in the field of government assistance programs. The average tenure of a member on our leadership team is nineteen years. This accumulated knowledge is the guiding force behind our success. Working alongside each other for so long has instilled a sense of trust and cohesiveness found only in the best teams. Additionally, it has allowed us to foster genuine relationships with clients, patients, and government entities.